Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

What is Rhinoplasty?

What is rhinoplasty? Is rhinoplasty a difficult surgery? Here are the most asked questions about nose surgery with the answers!

Nose aesthetic which is known as “rhinoplasty” is a surgical operation performed to get rid of the deformities and health problems occurring in the nose. During the operation, the nasal bone and nasal cartilage are reshaped by our surgical specialists, with that we solve your health problems and give your nose the shape you want.

Since the nose is located in the middle of the face, it has a direct effect on the appearance of the face. For this reason, appearance of the nose is extremely important as well as functionality. Even if there is no health problem, it is possible to get rid of the arched appearance of the nose, asymmetrical or large nostrils with rhinoplasty operation.

How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

One of the most asked question is about how rhinoplasty is performed. Rhinoplasty operation is performed in two different ways: open nose surgery and closed nose surgery.

1. Open Nose Surgery

It is our preferred method in nasal tip and bone curvature problems. This technique provides a direct view of the operation area. With the incision made between the nostrils, bone and cartilage structures of the nose is clearly visible. With this technique, all deformities and collapse problems can be eliminated. And the possibility of seeing incision mark on the nose is almost impossible with the help of our experts.

2. Closed Nose Surgery

Closed nose surgery which has no possibility of leaving incision mark, with this method we remove the protrusions on the back of the nose and correct the trapezoidal form. Since the incisions are made inside of the nose, no incision marks are seen outside of the nose. It is a process that takes an average of 3 hours but it depends on the operation. And the recovery time is faster than the open method.

What are the Surgeries Applied to the Nose?

Although two different techniques are applied as closed and open rhinoplasty in nose surgery, the nose surgeries applied to patients may change according to their complaints and requests. Piezo rhinoplasty and nose tip aesthetics are highly preferred methods especially in aesthetic nose surgeries performed, which are not related to health problems.

1. Piezo Nose Aesthetics

It is one of the important rhinoplasty surgeries where we use technological equipment and technical methods. In the piezo technique, we make millimetric calculations and while doing that we do not damage the inner texture of the nose.

2. Nose Tip Aesthetics

It is a nose aesthetic method that does not need a surgical procedure. It is one of the most preferred methods among nose surgery techniques. We are able to eliminate complaints such as the tip of the nose being too large or low in a short time with this operation.

The most frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a difficult operation that requires knowledge, skills and experience at the same time. Of course, repairing and reshaping bone and cartilage structures is not easy. However, our specialist surgeons in our clinic are the best surgeons in their fields, so the operations are performed in a very comfortable and easy way.

Rhinoplasty surgery is not a painful operation. These are operations that are usually performed with  local anesthesia according to the patient’s condition. In the first 7 days after surgery, it is quite normal to feel pain, soreness and swelling during the recovery process. 

Thanks to the advice given by our experts and the medicines they prescribe, you can easily overcome negative situations such as pain and swelling in a short time during the healing process.

Rhinoplasty can be done due to health problems such as difficulty breathing and snoring, but it is also done to improve the aesthetic appearance of your nose.

The reasons such as the nose having an arched appearance, more or less the angle between the nose-forehead or nose-lips, the nose being wide, the nostrils being asymmetrical, deformations due to injuries and traumas, congenital deformities are the situations where rhinoplasty is necessary.

Your problems about your nose are analyzed by our experts after a detailed examination. After that it is decided whether the operation will be performed with open or closed technique and operation planning is done by our specialist doctors. Within this planning, you will be informed about before and after.

The operations performed on the bone and cartilage structure of the nose during the rhinoplasty are permanent. The deformities in the nose are carefully reshaped and corrected by our surgical experts and this appearance will be permanent for a lifetime, which means it will not be deteriorated by natural causes.

However, today there is also a non-surgical rhinoplasty which has an injection process, filling materials such as silicone are injected into certain points of the nose and the appearance of the nose is changed.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty generally gives the same result as nose surgeries but it is not permanent. Therefore, it is more economical than surgical methods.

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