Quality Policy

Our quality policy

VHEALTH TURKEY, in line with its vision of becoming a global brand in the field of rhinoplasty, in all its domestic and international operations; By following a policy based on human health and happiness, it undertakes to fulfill all relevant national and international agreements and legal responsibilities.

We are aware of the interaction with our stakeholders at every point we are in and we are aware of our responsibilities in this regard. With this awareness, we will continue to carry out our activities by meeting the demands and expectations of all our stakeholders and continuously improving their processes.

We understand the expectations of our customers correctly and meet these expectations with high quality services. to welcome,
To contribute to the national economy by continuously improving the volume and quality of its operations abroad,
To ensure that brand awareness is seen in the common and essential goals of its employees.
To increase satisfaction by keeping motivation in mutual respect, understanding, trust and communication among its employees,
To provide our employees with environments where they can continuously improve themselves in order to increase the awareness of quality culture and innovation,
Sustainable, healthy growth together by adding value to all our stakeholders,
To support the necessary investments with effective resource use,
To be an exemplary organization by following all kinds of developments in the sector, increasing its efficiency and keeping its competitive advantage,
We are committed to fulfilling the applicable requirements.

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